Yin Yoga: Lighting The Shadows, Uma Kleppinger

Sunday, 3/3  3:30-5:30pm

(Available with Full Festival Pass only until 2/15/13.)

Yin yoga provides the perfect setting for befriending those parts of ourselves we may wish to reject, deny or minimize—the aspects of self known as the shadow.  By coming to the mat with an attitude of curiosity and compassion, we can weather any storm and befriend any emotional turbulence we may encounter, and broaden our perspective to see the beauty of the whole.  We can transform fear into a vibrant, quiet power, by listening to our shadow’s messages.  In this practice, poses will be held for a long period of time, allowing the work to penetrate the dense connective tissues of the body, while creating a supportive environment for exploring the power of the shadows through Eastern wisdom traditions, readings, poetry and imagery. All levels. Please bring a mat, 2 blocks and a strap.

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