Prashant Kakad


Prashant is a charismatic Bollywood Choreographer, Dancer & DJ with a passion for Hindustani Classical Singing.

A Cornell University Graduate and ex- Intel Engineer, Prashant bid adieu to engineering in 2009 to follow his true passion for Bollywood. Flash forward four years, he is now celebrated as one of the most exuberant & energetic Bollywood Entertainers of North America, Prashant has moved masses across both coasts of America including in New York City, Washington D.C., L.A., Bay Area, Seattle and Portland.

His high energy performance includes LIVE singing, dancing & seamless DJ’ing to eclectic Indian inspired crossover music that appeals to audience of all ages & nationalities. The charismatic dance lessons he disguises into his performance compel everyone to join in the dance routines transforming a simple dance party into a full fledged Bollywood Musical within minutes.

Prashant hosts the popular Jai Ho! Dance Party every third Saturday in Seattle at Chop Suey & monthly at various venues in Portland. With innovative themes that bring various Indian Festive elements (like Holi, Dandiya etc) straight to the nightclub, Jai Ho! is playing a key role in transforming the club culture.

Prashant is looking forward to share this exuberant joy to various festivals & event venues across the world.

Prashant’s Workshops

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