Kristen Rubis

Kristin RubisThe support and guidance that Kristen Rubis offers is founded in over two decades of study in the healing arts as well as in her personal journey towards wellness and inner peace.

Through yoga, therapeutic massage, reiki, childbirth education, doula services and sound healing, Kristen’s practice brings together a unique blend of experience in the healing arts.  Her specialties include maternity massage, wellness care, sacred music and yoga for all stages of life.

The years Kristen spent learning about the wellness benefits of music have been channeled into “Sacred Sound Healing” her first professional recording.  She has been working with Sound Acutonics since 2004 and offering Sound Healing Workshops, Concerts, Classes and Events since 2009. Kristen continues to tour and travel throughout the year with her sacred music and yoga.

“Sacred music is becoming a bigger part of my path and a deeper part of my service. I listen with my hands and heart while I trust in the divinity of this sacred music. The mystery, magic, and medicine of the healing sound moves through me with deep grace. I am humbled and honored to share this ‘Sacred Sound Healing’ with the world.”



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