Sarahjoy Marsh – Lecture: Hunger, Hope & Healing, $30

Instructor - Sarahjoy Marsh

Day & Time - Saturday at 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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Hunger is a primal instinct intrinsic to all creatures, from humans to gazelle chasing lions to lichen-gnawing sea creatures.  It’s primarily in the human species that hunger for food gets confused with hunger for a multitude of other hungers.  The trouble with displaced hungers – for love, connection, creativity, vitality, soothing, etc – is that neither gets satiated.  Not your physical hungers, nor your deeper hungers.

In this discussion we’ll ask “What are you hungry for?” “How might food/addiction/numbing/displaced control strategies be helping?” “How might yoga help with these deeper hungers?”

Each of us was born with a hunger unique to humans: to evolve, to re-inhabit a 360-degree life, to experience our innate joy and compassion unconditionally.  Yet, there are stages to our personal journey and, without the essential life skills to explore the terrain, many of us get lost in switchbacks of our own making. Yoga teaches us how to evolve through the stages of tapas, svadhyaya, and isvari-pranidhana with the forces of tamas, rajas, and sattva, and the important companionship of the sources of joy.  Through this we develop the faith, courage, and commitment required to create lasting change.

Hunger, Hope & Healing is an engaging, methodical, inspiring book, walking readers through the steps and stages of recovery from disordered eating patterns including yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, binge eating, compulsive eating, restricting, and body-centered shame and self-hatred.  Sarahjoy teaches you how to reclaim your relationship with your body, its innate intelligence, and your 360-degree life, a life that encompasses and allows for the whole of you in full expression.


“In this compassionate, down-to-earth guide to yoga for recovery from disordered eating, Sarahjoy Marsh shares profound lessons learned from over 25 years of yoga practice, personal recovery, and successful ‘360 degree’ living. Gracefully integrating traditional yogic wisdom with modern psychological insight, this timely book offers a unique, vital, and much-needed road map to reconnecting with the healing powers of our innate life force.” – Carol Horton, Ph.D. author of Yoga Ph.D. & co-editor of 21st Century Yoga

“For so many women, issues with food and body can hijack life. Sarahjoy Marsh skillfully weaves together principles from yoga philosophy with breathing, movement, and meditation practices to offer a path out of the perpetuating patterns of self- doubt, isolation, and unhappiness that can arise. This book is an invaluable contribution to the worlds of yoga and women’s health—and for anyone exploring the natural intelligence of body and mind as a means of finding balance and freedom.”—Mary Taylor, yoga teacher and author of What Are you Hungry For?

Surfsand Resort Ballroom

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