Mudras, Bhandas, and Kriyas

Instructor - Alan Finger & Sarah Finger

Day & Time - Saturday at 8:30 am - 11:30 am

(Available with Full Festival Pass, Saturday Pass or an A’la Carte Pass for $120 starting February 1st)

Alan and Sarah Finger

Mudras, bandhas, and kriyas are Tantric tools that enable the Shakti, or Mother Nature force, to move back to Shiva, All Intelligence. Mudras are hand gestures that link energetic circuits in the body.  Bandhas are physical locks that redirect energy in the subtle body.  Kriyas move energy from the subtle body back to the causal body, or to essence.  Through asana, pranayama, and meditation techniques, Alan and Sarah will explain how to use these tools to purify the consciousness, bringing one back to a state of unbound intelligence, bliss, and wisdom.  Please bring a mat, 2 blocks and a strap.


Sea Ranch Resort Sundance Event Lodge

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