Master Class: Journey to Love – Intro to Heartfull™ Meditation

Instructor - Savitri

Day & Time - Friday at 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

(Register with any Pass, $175)


This intensive is for yoga and meditation practitioners and aspiring practitioners.  All Levels welcome.

In a world where the heart’s wisdom is often suppressed, intuition is frequently dismissed and loneliness abounds, comes Heartfull™ Meditation with a way to change that. Heartfull™ Meditation incorporates active meditation techniques that center the mind and body to the wisdom of the heart. Calm your body and mind, and live from conscience, integrity and the feeling of love, from your heart, to shine out into the world.

Heartfull™ Meditation, created by Savitri, came to her through prayer for her own personal growth and healing. The techniques are unique, taught all over the world and used by thousands of people of all ages, beliefs & cultures to transform their lives to their true heart’s purpose.

The moment you sign up, Savitri works with the guidance of your Soul to bring energetic healing for your mind and body before, during and after the course. This will help you to have a positive life-changing experience in the course. Course includes meditation, lecture and discussion.

These meditation techniques are extremely logical and practical.  Instead of taking me away from life, they have taught me how to truly live it.  – Savitri

Go from feeling:                                                                                   To feeling:

  • Overwhelmed & frustrated                                                          Calm
  • Exhausted                                                                                       Energized
  • Scared & unsafe                                                                             Protected
  • Unloved                                                                                           Self-love & self-respect
  • Foggy mind                                                                                    Clear & bright
  • Hopeless, bored, no purpose or direction in your life                  Intuitive guidance
  • Depressed or stressed                                                                  Happy & grateful
  • Helpless                                                                                          Heart’s dreams come true

Please bring a mat, meditation cushion, and/or blanket to sit comfortably on the floor.  A Chair will be available.

There will be a lunch break.  You may bring a lunch or go out to one of the nearby restaurants.

Cannon Beach Chamber Hall

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