Hips Extravaganza AM

Instructor - Julie Gudmestad, PT

Day & Time - Saturday at 8:30 am - 11:30 am

(Available with Full Festival Pass or Saturday Festival Pass.  Add to a Partial Festival Pass for $120)

In our society, too much sitting leads to hips that are, ironically, both stiff and weak, which can contribute to overwork and strain in the next joints up and down the line — the low back and the knees.  Yoga, of course, has many wonderful tools to address these issues, and they’re a lot more fun than weight machines!

In this morning section of this 2-part workshop, we’ll work on poses that strengthen the hips and thighs, and look at how that strength contributes to stability in the back and knees. This practice will include standing poses and beginning back bending poses, all done with careful attention to healthy alignment for backs and knees.

These classes are open to teachers and students with a year or more of yoga experience. Students will be supported in working at just the right level where they feel challenged yet safe.

Please bring a mat, block, strap and blanket.

Hallmark Resort

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