All Day Intensive: Getting Rid of Gunk with Ayurveda, $125

Instructor - Jeevani Eigen

Day & Time - Friday at 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Jeevani Eigen

(This is an Optional Workshop, register with a Partial Festival Pass or add it to any pass)

We all have it: the stuff in our bodies and in our lives that gums up the works, interrupts our flow and makes our minds fuzzy. In Ayurveda we call this Gunk ‘ama’. Ayurveda, the Science of Life, Health and Longevity, is based on the premise that we are individual beings that require customized protocols for health, healing and ridding our bodies of ama. It is a wholistic philosophy in which good health means balance in mind and spirit as well as body.

In this workshop we will begin by determining our Ayurvedic body-mind types in interactive and experiential ways and then build upon this knowledge to pinpoint ways to get rid of Gunk or ama. First we will identify how it makes itself known in our bodies and lives. Tongue, iris, body, and facial analysis will be some of the tools we employ to reveal imbalances. Then through the lens of Ayurveda, we’ll experiment with yoga, dosha-specific herbs, cleansing regimens, diet, food combining and social choices as tools to fine tune our health. In small groups we’ll create personal dinacharyas (daily routines) that can realistically be implemented while embracing family and friends, celebrations, demanding jobs and challenging situations. These realities are what makes having tools that you can implement on a daily basis even more important.

Learn how to detect for yourself when your body systems are becoming unbalanced and, with your unique Ayurveda body-mind types as a basis, create an individualized plan to foster good health. Wear comfortable clothing so that you can move; bring a yoga mat and blanket if possible.

Hallmark Resort Horizon Room

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