Compassion & Self-Compassion in Action: Discussion, Asana, Pranayama & Chanting

Instructor - Sarahjoy Marsh

Day & Time - Saturday at 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

(Available in Full and Saturday Festival Pass.  Add to a Partial or Sunday Festival Pass for $80)

The Brahmaviharas
The Brahmaviharas, the divine abodes of the heart, are our native heart
capacity when we aren’t getting in our own way. More than just personal
life values, these divine abodes (homes) are also physiological and
neurological realities that we can cultivate. Ancestor yogis laid out the
map for us, without MRIs or brain imaging, using pranayama and
concentration techniques. Today we have access to volumes more
scientific knowledge verifying what yoga has known to be true for
generations. Our task is to put it to use.

Compassion & Self-Compassion in Action: Discussion, Asana,
Pranayama & Chanting
This workshop will integrate pranayama and mindfulness tools into asana
creating a deeply embodied experience of the brain state of compassion,
including self-compassion, as well as your personal tool kit for coming
back home to your heart’s native compassion any time, any where, under
any circumstances. Tapping into modern science’s understanding of the
Vagus nerve and Polyvagal theory, we will also integrate chanting
practices to support pranayama, to soothe the vagus nerve, and to rerealize
your innate altruistic and compassionate heart. You will leave with
a layperson’s understanding of the intersection between yoga and
neuroscience. Expect simple backbends, restorative forward bends, and
restorative poses that relieve the suffering caused by the mental habits of
dis-compassion (judgment, isolation, pity, and the self-critical inner

Please bring a mat, 2 blocks and a strap.  Blankets are always helpful, if you have them.

Cannon Beach Chamber Hall

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