Build a Home Practice for Life, $125

Instructor - Brad Waites

Day & Time - Monday at 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

(Available with any pass.)


Brad Waites

In one day, you can build the foundation of a home practice that will keep you flexible and mobile for life, regardless of your current level of yoga expertise or experience. Learn to keep your back flexible, your hips healthy, and your mind centered as we explore the three most important foundational movement series in Purna Yoga. As an added bonus, you will learn a Heartfull™ Meditation technique that is the fastest and most effective way to discover your inner wisdom. If you want a practice you can rely on for life, don’t miss this workshop.

All levels welcome. Teachers, these series are excellent additions to any practice style and a great addition to your teaching toolkit. 

Bring a strap and one or two yoga blocks.



Cannon Beach Chamber Hall

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