May I Be Happy

Instructor - Cyndi Lee

Day & Time - Saturday at 8:30 am - 11:30 am

(Available with Full Festival Pass or Saturday Festival Pass.  Add to a Partial Festival Pass for $120)

Do you have a natural impulse to help others but you’re not as good at taking care of yourself? Welcome to the club. Most of us back-burner our own needs, and end up feeling depleted, isolated, and resentful. Learning to care for yourself is not an act of selfishness, it’s a sign of spiritual maturity. When you take responsibility for your own happiness, you create patterns of compassion and understanding that allow you to truly offer support to others.

This class uses the 4 slogans of traditional Buddhist lovingkindness meditation — “May I Be Healthy, Happy, Safe and Live with Ease” — as the basis for soothing breath work and spacious slow flow sequences to tickle your natural goodness; healthy ways of aligning the physical body in order to realign your aspirations and actions; and delicious restorative yoga to help you find your ease.

All levels.  Please bring a mat, a blanket, 2 blocks and a strap.

Surfsand Resort Ballroom

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